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Luke Conder

My name is Luke, I am 22yrs old and I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia. I’ve been playing drums since I was 11yrs old. My passion for playing started when I used to play the Guitar Hero drums on PlayStation 2, after months of using a PlayStation drum kit I finally convinced my parents to buy me my first kit which was a little electronic Legacy. When I was 14 I got my first acoustic kit a Pearl Export series and it’s the set I still play to this very day. I am completely self-taught, never had a lesson in my life, the closest I would have got would have been a couple of videos on YouTube.

For most of my drumming career I have just enjoyed jamming at home but then 3yrs ago I decided I wanted to take my drumming to the next level, so I joined my first band, Odd Socks who were a surf/punk rock band. I toured around with them for 2yrs playing heaps of live shows and writing lots of original songs. I then decided to move on from Odd Socks and started a new band called Vanilla Drip with some of my close mates. We are currently recording our Debut album and have heaps of awesome shows lined up in the coming months. I am also starting a YouTube to showcase all my best covers that I’ve practiced over the years.

My other hobbies apart from drumming include surfing, 4 wheel driving and playing Australian Rules football.

Just a few months ago I was honored to be part of the Soultone Cymbals family. These cymbals are like no other, they are made with great quality, care and passion. I look forward to be playing with such a great brand of cymbal many years into the future.

Luke Conder.

My Soultone Set: 

14” Hi Hats (explosion Series)
17” crash (explosion series)
18” FXO crash
20” Crash/Ride (Explosion Series)