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Luis Fardy Ruiz

Luis Fardy Ruiz

Luis Fardy Ruiz was born in Veracruz, Veracruz Mexico on July 31, 1987. Although he is the first generation musician in his family, that didn't discourage him from wanting to find his true passion for music.

At the age of 16, in 2003, Luis Fardy was motivated by the young kid playing drums at his home church in Veracruz and quickly discovered that he wanted to do the same. With an eager mind to learn, Luis Fardy began to explore his talent by taking drumming classes. For 6 months, Monday through Friday for an hour, he made the effort to walk 2 miles to where he would be encouraged to bring out his musical talents. At a very young age, Luis Fardy’s parents motivated him to do his best in all he ever did, but mostly to work hard for what he loves. Therefore, in order to pay for his drumming classes which where $20 pesos, or $2 at the time, Luis Fardy had to help his parents do chores around the house. Wether it was cleaning his dad’s truck, sweeping the patio, or cleaning around the yard, everyday Luis Fardy worked hard for what he wanted to become.

The opportunity of playing with his home church worship team came up and Luis Fardy decided that he wanted to take advantage of it. His first drum set consisted of an incomplete old kit that he had to fix. His kick drum pedal was missing the spring, instead of having 8 tension rods to tune his drums, the kit he used only had 3, the cymbals were half broken or had holes, and his sticks had to be constantly taped so they wouldn't break. One way or another, Luis Fardy fixed the drum set and gave it his all keeping his passion and purpose in mind. Over the years, on September 2015, Luis Fardy had the opportunity to purchase the drum set of his dreams to reward his hard work and dedication. A DW White Performance series.

As time went on, Luis Fardy attended rehearsals at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, CA for 2 years. He would go and sit at every rehearsal to get an insight into what playing for Jubilee would be like. In 2007, he began to play for Jubilee Spanish Ministry. God started opening doors for Luis Fardy, and he never forgot the promise he made to him when he was younger. Time after, he began playing at Cathedral of Faith in San Jose, CA, second drums for Jubilee English Ministry, Midweek Service, and the most recent, Reign Young Adults (2017). Luis Fardy has had the honor to play with local and known artists such as, Jacky Brigstock (Former Worship Pastor at Jubilee), Cindy Scullard (Worship Pastor at Jubilee), Marcos Barrientos, Julissa, Freddy Rodriguez, Michael Pitts, Benny Hinn Band, Nicole and David Binion, and Claudia Lorelle. Currently, he is serving as Worship Director at his parent’s home church Centro Cristiano Jerusalen in Gilroy CA, as well as Worship Director at Reign Young Adults.

Soultone has given Luis Fardy the opportunity to express his passion for drumming. The name caught his attention in specific, because to him it signifies the real tones of his soul, and where his passion lies, in his worship. His main objective will always be to be strong and courageous, to give his best and not be discouraged, because overall he knows that none of this would have been possible without God’s hand guiding him.

My Soultone Set: 

Vintage old school 1964 ride 22”
Extreme 20” crash
Hammered 21” crash
FXO 20”effect crash
Hi hats natural 16”