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Luis Bravo

Born January 7th 1989 in Los Angeles CA. Luis has been inspired by music all his life. Since he was a baby boy he loved music, banging on pots and pans, it wasn't until he was 15 years old when he bought himself his first real drums set, quickly demolishing it. His influences are anywhere from rock, pop, hip hop to classical, latin jazz etc. Within a few months he began his career by working along side award winning artist such as Las Voces Del Rancho, Lupillo Rivera, and El Gavilan as a back-up drummer. It wasnt until later in his career when he began recording and performing with artist such as Rogelio Martinez, Regulo Caro, El Komander, Erik Estrada to name a few. He has grown to be a well known and respected drummer of the regional mexican genre in L.A. He is currently working along side Lamat Music Group wih CEO/music producer/musician Fausto Juarez, recording artist such as Beatris Adriana, Noelia, Graciela Beltran, El Potro de Sinaloa, Jasmin Lopez and many more. As an Independent Drummer, he is touring all over the U.S and Mexico spreading his name and his talent.