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Ludwing Cornejo S.

Ludwing Cornejo S.

Born in Bogota-Colombia. From an early age, he follows the footsteps of his father, Ludwing Cornejo C. , a renowned Latin music Trompetist and composer. His father will be his most important master. Ludwing learns from him the passion of music.

At 8 years old, Ludwing starts to study at the “Orchestra sinfonica juvenil de Colombia” school of music . At the same time, he studies classical music with Elber Cediel and Latin music with Jose Ramirez. Those two masters teach the young percussionist many instrumental technics. With there help, Ludwing acquires a lot of agility and learns to be a good interpret. More than that, with them, he develops what will become his signature in the future. The sound, his sound, a blend between classical and latin percussions. At 10 years old, he plays in the “Orchestra sinfonica juvenil de Colombia” where he will become teacher few years later. Later in his career, Ludwing will also teach in reputable institutions across America, Bogota, New-York, Miami, Carolinas norte , sur, Jacksonville,Georgia, Tennessee, Venezuela, Baja California Sur.

After school, Ludwing plays in different simphonic bands and Orchetras. To name a few: Banda sinfonica de la policia nacional, banda de la armada nacional and orchestra sinfonica de siempre de Colombia. At the same time, he also plays in many Latin orchetras and he participates in important festivals around the world. As a versatile musician, he can play salsa, zarzuela, opera and gospel too.

Ludwing moves in Miami/United-States. Overthere, he starts to plays and records with artists: Maelo Ruiz, Gilberto Santarosa, Ayme de cuba, David Pabon, Luisito Carrion, Tito Rojas, Paquito Guzman, Cano Estremera, Jeff Morales, Valentina y su Son Cache, Mariano Civico, Tropican Show by Hugo Fernandez “Copetin”, Latin D.C. by Christian Church “el Shaddai”, El Equipo, Ayer y hoy and many others.

In 2010, his biggest dream comes true. He becomes the “timbalero” of the famous Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz Orchestra. He also records a Salsa production with this orchestra.

Actually, Ludwing is playing in Mexico in a Chill’out Group. He is working aside the director, Pedro Navarro (guitarrist/composer/arranger ”sony music”). Ludwing is collaborating by composing and recording for Mr. Navarro next album. this production will be released at the end of 2011.

Ludwing Cornejo is currently an exclusive artist Soultone, and uses these cymbals in concerts and recordings, which offer innovative sounds, helping to mantain his style.