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Ludo De Groote

Ludo De Groote

“Born 1956 in Antwerp, Belgium.
No musical family as background and when I asked my father for a drum kit, hey wanted me to learn to play a “real” instrument first. So I got in to guitar and piano, but the drums kept pulling my soul.
So I got me a drum set and a teacher. That teacher gave me a pair of drumsticks and told me to come back when i could do a roll on a pillow.
The rest is history, I got in to the music scene from Antwerp and found my way thru local bands. Like “Paul’s collection”, “Candy”, “Hush”
I was able to work with some national and international rock bands during the 70’ and 80’.
I was able to produce and write material with “Hush” at the Morgan studio’s in Brussel in the Late 70’
Worked with “Rockenbach”, a combination of rock and classical music.

Today I have a couple of projects like the “Joe Cocker Connection” where i reached the finals for the Clash of the cover bands in Holland 2015. And there is“Southern Edge” a blues/rock formation from Holland.
Played with several cymbal sets, until I got to hit a Soultone demo set in a local drum shop. Felled in love with it.

Filling in my time performing in Belgium, Holland, Germany, teaching, recording, writing and living a great drummers live.

My Soultone Set: 

My set: the Latin series
21” ride
18” crash
17” crash
16” crash
12” splash
10” splash
14” hi hat.