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Lucy Peart

Brazilian drummer Lucy Peart is known for her charisma and rock feel!
Her interest in percussion began when she was a child, but only when she was fifteen did she really began her studies, going to drum and music theory classes.
In the same year that she began her studies she was invited to become part of a female rock band, Punkake. She is part of the band to this day as a drummer and backing vocalist.
Lucy is a natural in recording environments, and played on Punkake’s first album, untitled called “So Sexy” (released in September 2009). The band’s new album will be released in 2015.
She also participated in three of the five editions of the event Girls on Drums, the largest festival in Latin America that brings together women drummers and percussionists from all over the country, having the opportunity to play with great Brazilian drummers.
In 2011 she became part of the Roland Brazil artists cast and was invited to give drum classes in a renowned school in her hometown.
In 2012 she joined the Gretsch Drums’ cast as the first Brazilian woman to be an endorser of the brand in Brazil. In the same year, Liverpool Sticks launched the Lucy Peart Signature sticks, due to her innovative and influential style.
Currently she performs in events, fairs and gigs throughout Brazil, writes for brazilian magazine Hi Hat Girls and develops a collection of accessories for drummers.

My Soultone Set: 

FXO 12J- 19”
China Custom Brilhante 19”
Hit hat Custom Brilhante 14”
Crash Custom 18”
Crash vintage 17”
Ride Natural 22”

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