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Luca Guagnini

Luca Guagnini

Luca Guagnini was born in Codogno on 2nd August 1994.

I start to study drums at the age of 9 years old. After two years I start to study in Accademia di Musica with Luca Mezzadri and I’ve continued with him for 6 years also at Piacenza Jazz Club.

Last years I went to Accademmia di Musica Moderna of Piacenza and I’ve started to study with Matteo Frigerio.

I’ve started to play out after five years of drumming alone.

In Piacenza I’ve done many concerts, and two years ago with my old band I win a contest at Live Studio (in Codogno). I’ve also done another contest in Castell’Arquato (castelRock) near Piacenza and we arrive in the second place.

In this year I’ve started another project (JUST4 Liveband). We do some of different kind of music, from 80s disco music to 2000s music, from pop and dance to rock n roll (such as AC DC, Guns n Roses ecc). Another my project is Catastrofic Band (my father’s band) and with them I do old and new rock n roll.