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Lorne W. Ahmed

Lorne W. Ahmed

The sound, funk, fury, and drive behind the up and coming drum scene. Started back at the age of 13, previously on violin for a number of years, he wanted a change of pace in the music world. Once behind the drum kit, he never looked back. Lorne soon started playing live after his first year of playing drums, and since has grown into a well rounded player, and a known up and coming local player 12+ years later.

Being self taught, for most of his career, Lorne has been seen on the music scene all over the country, playing for various acts and genres. He's been able to put 3 tours under his belt in his young career, with most noticeably, fueling a Piano-Rock band on Warped Tour in the summer of 2008 and backing the live support for known LA pop artist’s West Coast Tour in 2006. Along playing with many bands, he has developed a small following of students from intermediate to advanced players, touching on enhancing live performances, working on technique, and developing a solid foundation for the next generation’s players. Although being self taught most of his life, he has managed to take on lessons from notable drummers such as Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies), Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta), and Ray Luzier (Korn).

12 years later, Lorne’s passion for music has grown into a career path and life long journey. Both live and studio experience has only fueled his drive to continue playing, and reaching new heights of his drumming and playing to bigger crowds. Currently, Lorne is behind local pop artists Nico Adams and Christine Olivier, as well as recording drums for Good Morning Orbit's debut album.