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Lorenzo Biondi

Lorenzo Biondi

Lorenzo Biondi was born in Pistoia in 1985 and from the earliest years he developed a considerable interest in music,particular in drums. At the age of seven he began to study this instrument, creating after twenty years his own method of study and teaching. He creates his first rock band at the age of sixteen, with which he plays for five years, enjoying great success locally and managing to participate for two years in a row in the SanRemo Rock singing competition, placing in fifth place in the first edition. In 2005 he fulfilled his dream of forming his first tribute band, paying homage to his idols of the time, Dream Theater. In 2010 he was called in Jailed, a progressive metal group, in which, in addition to replicating songs by groups such as Tool and Porcupine Tree, he worked on original and unreleased songs. Unfortunately, the project ends prematurely after the singer's abandonment due to work. After a period of hiatus he creates a new group, his biggest bet, OceanNight, the tribute band of Nightwish. They have great success entering the Italian fan club as a recognized tribute band and managing to play on various stages and festivals dedicated to the national level. In 2018 he began his career as a drum teacher at the Soundcheck Studio in Prato. In 2019 he joined Heaven Denies, a power metal band with an album already to his credit. In the same year he also became a regular drummer for Elements, a heavy metal group with a female voice. He is also contacted for several collaborations in jam and studio recordings of various genres.

He is characterized by a direct drums style, preferring the musical presence of the drums within the song, thanks also to the considerable influences of great drummers of today and of the past. Over the years he has developed the open hand technique, managing to create rhythmic patterns within the various songs both in the recording studio and, above all, in the live venue.

My current bands are:
Heaven Denies
OceanNight (Nightwish tribute)
Aphasia (80's rock tribute)

My personal links are:


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My Soultone Set: 

From left to right:
China Gospel series 20"
Mini China Custom series 10"over a Splash Custom brilliant series 10"
Splash Custom series 10"
Hi-Hat Explosion series 14"
Crash Custom series 19"
Crash Custom series 18"
Ride Explosion series 22"
Crash Custom series 17"
Hi-Hat Gospel series 14"
China FXO series 20"
Crash Heavy Hammered 18"