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Loren Webb

Loren Webb

Loren Webb was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1984. Her parents knew very early that their first-born child had an incredible ear and love for music. At a young age, Loren’s parents decided to nurture this gift of music in her. From elementary school through high school, any instrument she wanted to play, she would put her hands on it and eventually teach herself how to play. As she got older, there were many times that she and her father, who plays organ, would be in the living room playing music together. Loren would either be on the drums or on the keyboard, while her father was on the organ.

Loren began playing the drums at the tender age of 11. She started playing drum set at her home church in Alaska. Loren would continuously beg her parents for a drum set. She would set up all of her mothers’ magazines onto the living room coffee table in the arrangement of a drum set. Soon after all the magazines had the evidence of drumstick abuse, she finally received her first drum set. She continued to play set with various gospel groups and bands all through middle and high school. During a high school jazz festival at University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) in 2001, she was given the nickname “Ms. Pocket” by Cuban drumming sensation Jimmy Branly. In 2002 Loren relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend Johnson C. Smith University. In May of 2006, she graduated with Honors and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Business and Technology, along with a concentration in Vocal Performance

Loren gives all credit and thanks to God for entrusting her with such a gift and talent to exercise in ministry. Many thanks to her parents who spent remarkable hours and money so that she could live, learn and love music.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Anderson