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Lonnie Silva

Lonnie Silva

My name is Lonnie Silva. I was born, May 5 1962, and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I started playing drums at the age of 10 when my parents bought me my first drum set for $100. My passion for drumming motivated me to get a job at the age of 11 delivering newspapers with my bicycle. I used my earning to buy another kit and expand my drum set.
I continued to play and build my skillset, which led me to create a cover band at the age of 14 with my brothers. My influence for hard rock music stemmed from my parents. But hard rock was not the only style of music I was impacted by. Some of my musical influences included Jethro Tull, Grand Funk, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath. However, the band that had a real impact on me was Emerson Lake and Palmer.
I decided to pursue a career in the music industry which led me to bands like “Yes” and “King Crimson.” In 1985 I was asked to play in the Hollywood band “Black Sheep.” Soon after I was approached by Chris Impelliteri and recorded drums for his first C.D. “Impellitari.”
In 1987 I got married to my childhood sweetheart, Sue. We had our first child in 1988 and I decided to put my music career on the back burner to raise my family, but I continued to play drums. Four kids later, our son Kyle showed interest in the guitar. We bought him his first guitar at the age of 4. Now, at the age of 23, my son and I created the band “Blacklist 9.” We just released our new C.D. “Mentally Ill- Legally Sane” as well as multiple music videos on YouTube.
I’m very proud and honored to represent Soul Tone Cymbals. I recently utilized my Soul Tone Cymbals for the first time at one of our Blacklist 9 shows. My Cymbals sounded fantastic! I cannot wait for the next show so I can show off my Soul Tones. Thank you very much Soul Tone!

My Soultone Set: 

20" Custom Brilliant Crash
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
19" Custom Brilliant China
21" Explosion Ride
15" Explosion Hi Hats
9" Bronze Bell
10" Extreme Splash
15" Extreme Wave Hi Hats
20" Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride
20" FXO 12

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