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Consciously Dying

Lior Mayran was born in June 15th 1980 In Israel.
He Is a Hard Rock, Heavy & Extreme Metal Drummer.
Lior moved to the United States in January 2015 to expand on his career as a drummer, receiving a Soultone endorsement in June 2016.
His passion for drums quickly led him to the Los Angeles based gigging band Stoned Temple Pilots and Private Drum Instruction.

After Lior played on pans with chopsticks his neighbor further inspired him by giving him an Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast cassette, a Walkman, an Iron Maiden shirt, and a pair of real sticks. His parents got him an instructor, and Lior got his first basic drum pad kit at the age of 13, a gift from the teacher, Jim, the only drum instructor in Nahariya, Israel. After working in a pizza shop, Lior bought his first full kit at 15, teaching himself Double Bass and hard rock for the next several years, in the living room before moving to a bomb shelter rehearsal space.
Lior found himself in the minority listening to metal, death metal and hard rock growing up in a religious community until he was discovered by local Black Metal group, Winterhorde. Over the next 12 years, Lior developed his style with the likeminded rockers, recorded 2 studio albums, 2 European tours, and several music videos. As a general in the Israeli Navy, Lior garnered experience as leader and partnered with Winterhorde to completing earlier recordings, and make connections with European labels and Booking the bands tour, landing opening slots for Swedish Black Metal ensemble Dark Funeral (Swe), Melechesh (Ned), Keep of Kalessin (Nor) & Aeba (Ger) among others.
Lior is endorsed by Soultone.

Consciously Dying- Black metal Hollywood, L.A (2017- current).

Winterhorde- Extreme Black metal 2002- 2014 (Nebula, Underwatermoon albums & live).

Thokkian Vortex- Black Metal (2014) live session.

Stoned Temple Pilots - Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots 2015 - 2019 (Los Angeles, CA).

Lior Mayran on youtube.

My Soultone Set: 

13" Gospel Hi Hat (Left side)
14" Natural Hi Hats (Right Side)
19" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
19" Heavy Hammered Crash
14" Custom Brilliant RA China
18" Vintage China
10" Gospel Splash
12" FXO6 Vintage Patina China
12" FXO Splash + 8" Gospel Splash (Stack)
22" Extreme Ride (Left side)
19" Extreme Mega Bell (Right Side)
13" Gospel Crash
7" Brilliant Bronze Bell