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Leonel Rojas

Leonel Rojas

Leonel, born in December 1986, starts playings drums at the age of fourteen. The music took him by surprise. In the year 2000 he starts his studies with Colombian Percussion at his school, Lice Cambridge, with his music teacher Juan Caro; by 2001 he entered to Academia Confraternidad where he discovered the Drum set World with his teacher Andres “El Pato” Colmenares.

By the year 2005 he enters to the Music Program at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with his emphasys in Audio Ingeneer, but later th same year he switch to Universidad El Bosque where he studied with Carlos Hernandez, Antolin Diaz and Pedro Acosta. In 2011 he got his Diploma from this University in Music with emphasys in Instrumental Execution / DRUMS

This are some of the recordings and presentations he has made:

? Entropia: of human introspection(EP); Simetria (LP)

? Christian Velez: Quedate (singles)

? 5 punto 1: No te puedo esperar (EP)

? Nova Orbis: Imago (LP) track: Unestable Mind

? Nicolas Waldo power trio: Secret Place (singles)

? Vorpal Nomad (EP)

? Santiago Parra: No quiero nada de ti (EP)

? Flashback: A Otro Nivel (EP)

? Altered Symmetry (LP)

? The Golden Beast: Tributo a Iron Maiden (COL)

? Festival “Rock al Parque 2008”.

? Festival de “Rock al Parque 2011”

? Premios Subterránica Metal Edition, 4 nominaciones, 2008

? Banda escogida por EMI COLOMBIA para el lanzamiento de los discos “Final Frontier” y “from fear to eternity” de Iron Maiden en Colombia.

? La Bermudez en vivo en el Shakira Pop Fest: Parque Simon Bolivar tarima alterna.

Leonel Works as a teacher at Profesor de La Academia Confraternidad Colina, Drummer teacher at www.ladomicilio.com; he is a session drummer at Studi-on Studios, Audio factory Studios, Loop-Live Studios and Universidad El Bosque Studios. He is also a Powerclick Artist.