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Leo Dobao

Leo Dobao

Leo Dobao is a drummer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 17, 1976. His way on music started in 1990, when at the age of 14 founded the band "La Fusion" (rock and blues). After an intense experience as a self-taught, he began his studies with professor Rodrigo Maurenza. In 1996 his band changed formation and renamed "ESTIGMA PURPURA". Under this name, the group performs more than 400 shows around the country and recorded his firsts two albums: one in studio called "Alas de la Noche" and another live called "En vivo en Acatraz". In 1999, he continued his studies with professor Daniel Volpini and the next year, he joined the band "Mantra" (Heavy Metal) with whom he played for 3 years. In mid-2000 he began to study with professor Alejandro Varela (Berklee College of Music) and continues for the next five years. That is one of the most influential and important teachers of his career. By 2006 he joined the band "BOURBON 99.9%" (funk-soul) with whom played for two years and recorded one album called "Bourbon 99.9%". In 2010 joins "MAGNOS" band led by Javier Barrozo, one of the most recognized argentine singer of heavy metal (Lorihen, Imperio, Walter Giardino Temple) with whom he recorded the 2nd album of the band called "Vestigios de un Sueño".
He’s currently the drummer of IAN, band led by Mario Ian former singer of the famous Argentinean bands RATA BLANCA, ALAKRAN and HELLION.

Influences: Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro, Denn Castronovo, Vinnie Paul, John Bonham, Vinnie Appice, Benny Greb……
Drum set:
Bass Drum: •1 x 26”x18”
Toms: . 12”X 9”
Floor toms : . 14”X 14”
• 16”x 14”
• 18”x 16”
Snares: Ludwig Supraphonic Black Beauty (14”x 6,5”)
Pearl maple shell (13x6,5”)
Hardware: Ludwing
Pedals: Tama Iron Cobra
Cymbals: Soultone 14” Natural Series – Hi Hat
Soultone 18” 19” 20” Custom Brillant - Crash
Soultone 21” Gospel - Ride
Soultone 18” Custom Brillant - China
Sticks: Pick Palos


My Soultone Set: 

14" Natural Hi Hats
20" Custom Brilliant Crash
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
21" Gospel Ride
18" Custom Brilliant China
19" Custom Crash
21" Custom Ride
15" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Pair
19" Custom Brilliant China
18" Custom Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash

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