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Lee Hutt

Lee Hutt

Faith & Scars

Lee Hutt is known for his over-the-top, high energy drumming style that
energizes the fans during sets with Faith & Scars.

Lee's career as a drummer started in 2008 when he was awestruck by the drummer
Morgan Rose of the internationally known band Sevendust. He was given the
inspiration to start saving up his money during the summer to start his
drumming journey.

Since 2008 Lee has shared the stage with, On the Bright Side, Chromatic
Crescendo, WhiteCell, and more recently joined Faith & Scars in March of
2016. He has had the honor of opening shows for Halestorm, Brett Michaels,
Gemini Syndrome, Drowning Pool and over a dozen more nationally and
internationally known acts.

Lee states, “Music is what drives me, it fuels everything I do on a daily
basis. If I had a way to bring my passion to the masses I would in a
heartbeat and could change one person's life thru music, like it has mine,
then I would consider myself a success.”

My Soultone Set: 

14 Gospel Hats
20 Gospel Crash
20 Custom Crash
19 Gospel Crash
18 FXO 6 Crash
17 Extreme China
21 Gospel Ride