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Lee Gauthreaux

Lee Gauthreaux

Subliminal Landmines

Started my drumming at the age of 10 plaything through grade school and college both concert and marching bands. Taught private drum lessons at The Music Academy of Acadiana for 10 years.

Has played in various bands in the Lafayette area, including "Secondborn", "Starfighter", Berzerka. Currently playing gigs with punk rock band "Subliminal Landmines" and 90s tribute band "That 90's Show"

Has an active YouTube channel with various cover videos and live drum cams.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Explosion Hihats
19" Latin Heavy Crash
21" Latin Ride
20" Natural Crash/Ride
18" FXO 6 China
8" Latin Splash
10" Latin Splash

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