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Layton Elscott has been a drummer since he was at the young age of 3, and he’s certainly had his fair share of gear…both good and bad. He remembers playing when he was 16 and it was all about having the most cymbals no matter what, even if he had to find cymbal stands that were barely staying together! When he was 19, he attended a special church service with a group of friends and noticed their cymbal set up jut sounded different – but incredibly clean and just great. He approached the drummer to see what brand they were, only to discover that they were Soultone Gospel series cymbals. He heard them acoustically and then through the system and was blown away!
“I talked to the worship leaders at my church, both for youth and adult teams and said we had to look into these”. It was a short couple of years later that he got his set of Soultone Gospel series cymbals, being able to ditch the older and lower-quality set he had before. “There was a moment when I heard from a great pro drummer (unnamed as he endorses a different cymbal brand) that sometimes investing into less equipment but better quality is well-worth the time and money. Soultones might come at a little higher number, but man the quality…absolutely second to none!”
Layton currently uses a set of 13” hats, 16” crash, and 18” ride – all from the Gospel series. “They work incredibly well with our youth venue and the acoustics, FOH engineer can’t stop talking about how easy they are to control and as the drummer, I can’t stop talking about them either”, so why does Layton choose Soultone over any other, possibly cheaper cymbal brand? “The people treat you awesome and like family, and with the products…their performance on all levels and genres speaks for themselves, just perfect cymbals if there ever were any!”
Layton has had experience in the local music scene around his hometown of Newton IA, from starting a band that eventually had decent success to the current projects he's been a part of; Missy Doll's "Destiny Deeper Tour" (regional summer tour) and several private sessions. He's had a bit of time in the studio for various artists as well as playing live for a few local artists as both a drummer and a percussionist.
You can keep up with Layton and his projects through social media, on Facebook @laytonelscott.drummer and on Instagram @laytonelscottofficial.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Gospel Ride
13" Gospel Hi Hats
16" Gospel Crash