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Larry Scott

Based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Larry Scott is one of southwest Virginia's premier jazz drummers
and educators. Larry's experience come from his extensive touring the nation for almost 40 years. His
only formal education came from the Virginia Commonwealth University Community Music School.
He spent his childhood playing with various bands and groups with his best friend, noted jazz bassist
Nat Reeves. Larry's professional work includes tours of Aruba and Puerto Rico with The Vikki Austin
Affair, a two-year residency on the Atlantic City Casino circuit, and numerous other tours with other
local and regional acts. Larry currently performs with The Lenny Marcus Trio, as well as occasionally
with local/regional pop groups The Renee Ruth Band and Season 3.
Outside of performing, Larry is the Drum and Percussion Specialist at Lynchburg Music Center,
Inc. in Lynchburg, Virginia. Larry uses his position to help the budding drummers of Lynchburg with
purchasing merchandise, tuning, stick and head selection, as well the pros and cons of which drum sets
to purchase. Larry also works for the Lynchburg Music Center Education Center as a drum set
instructor. Larry is proud to not just be a Soultone Cymbal endorser, but the Virginia areas company


Teaching Experience 20+ Years


Recording Credits

Live at GT Brooks - George Melvin 1980

The Brown Sisters- The Brown Sisters 1981

Wait on the Moon - Paddy D Quartet -2004

Deeper Still - Lenny Marcus Trio 2008

Water Drops - Lenny Marcus Trio 2009

Comfort and Joy - Lenny Marcus Trio 2010

Winter's Spring Lenny Marcus Group 2010

Trapped in A Good Life - Lenny Marcus Group 2010

Multiple CDs of soundtracks for Movies and TV with the Lenny Marcus Group

My Soultone Set: 

14” Custom Hi Hats
15” Vintage Hi Hats
16” Vintage Crash
20” Vintage Crash/Ride
20” Thin Vintage Crash
20” Natural Crash/Ride
20” Vintage Flat Ride

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