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Léo "Yorgos" Goudaroulis

Léo "Yorgos" Goudaroulis

Rãgarãja, Odd Fiction, Black out Arises

"All right, everybody, hi! I am Léo "Yorgos" Goudaroulis from Paris, and I play drums for Rãgarãja (Deathcore/Djent), Odd Fiction (Mathcore/Noise) and Black Out Arises (US Rock).
Graduated from the 3 music high schools Dante Agostini, EDIM and the Concervatory of Yerres (Paris), I am also a drum teacher.
I loooooove the "Math and extreme music" inspired by bands like Meshuggah, Car Bomb, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Indian music.
My father is a jazz, brazilian and classical musician, my mother photographer, it’s a family story...
So what ?!! Long live the art ! "

My Soultone Set: 

13" Gospel Hi-Hat
16" Custom Crash
10" Extreme Splash
17" Extreme Crash
20" Gospel Ride
7" Bronze Bell
10" Gospel Hi-Hat
18" Extreme China