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Kurt Schwoerer

Kurt Schwoerer

Silence in the Grey

Kurt Schwoerer was introduced to the world of drumming at just. two years old after receiving his first beginner drum set for Christmas in 1996. Since then drumming has been the most important part to Kurt's life.
He started out playing small talent shows around his town when he was seven, but soon began trying out for bigger things like the the show "America's Most Talented Kid". By the time he entered high school, he was taking advantage of every opportunity to drum available playing for many different orchestras and bands in his school. He was also on the drumline for his four years of high school making snare as a sophomore and being section leader for both junior and senior years.
One of Kurt’s first bands was Elephant Sun, a local grunge band formed in 2011. They played tons of shows around the central New Jersey area until early 2013 when some of the band members went off to college.
In early 2013, Kurt began playing with his current band, Silence in the Grey, along with bassist Mike Glasser and Vocalist/lead guitarist Andrew Hudkins. The trio began as a grunge band, but slowly shifted towards an experimental metal band playing doom, sludge, and psychedelic metal along with some other various genres. They have played several shows at many different venues in the New Jersey area such as The Crossroads, The Blue Room, All Star Music Empire, Championship Bar and Grill, The Stone Pony, and many more. Recently, they released an EP entitled “On the Fringe of Winter,” and have two other records out for purchase: “When the Trees Cried Silver” and “Prophecy of the Damned”.
Today Kurt continues to be active as a drummer playing shows with his band on a regular basis and as a solo artists doing local competitions and talent shows.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Custom Brilliant Ride
16" Custom Crash
14" Custom Hi Hats