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Kris Lana, born 9/28/1984, found his passion at the age of 3 years old. His father, Jack Lana, started a community marching band in the 80’s. The Old Shawnee Town Marching Band, was a non-profit organization that allowed anyone of any age join. If you could play an instrument, then you were given a spot. If you couldn’t, and wanted to learn or try, you were allowed to do so. Otherwise, you were given a spot on the flag team or the drill team. Either way, there was something for you to do. Kris showed an early interest in the marching band, by marching along side the formation at the age of 2 during their practices. He was eventually given a flag and put in the flag team. On the way to the parades, he would sit in the back of the bus with the drum line and listen to them play their cadences. One day he picked up a pair of sticks that looked like logs in his small hands, and found a tenor drum, and started to play with the drum line. They quickly learned that he could remember and knew all of the cadences without ever playing them before. He was eventually outfitted with a makeshift harness and a small tom from a set of Tri-Toms. Becoming the youngest drummer to ever walk in the drum line. He quickly learned proper hand techniques and harder cadences, by learning from high school and college level competition drummers. At the age of 4, Kris was given his first full scale drum set from his parents on Christmas. Sitting down behind his 4 piece Apollo red sparkle drum kit, he quickly started to learn basic beats, which helped him excel even more in the marching band. Moving through the years he worked his way through the ranks, eventually becoming the “Head-Field” drummer and teaching the younger kids the cadences and songs that were played.

At the age of 15, Kris and 4 of his childhood friends formed their first band called, “NV.” Although they only ever played one, “show,” they gained a lot of notoriety in the school and with a local newspaper, being called, “The future of rock and roll.” Kris bounced around from band to band playing drums but never really found a good fit. He even took to the front of the stage for 5 years singing for a band called, “One Hand Down.”

Deciding to go back to his passion, drumming, he formed a band called, “Hallucination,” and it was there that he found the style he wanted to play. Hard, heavy, and in your face rock and metal. Hallucination eventually disbanded and Kris was asked to come play drums for the already established, “Forever Greye.” He played with them for 2 years when the band decided to reformat. Deciding to change the name after losing their singer, they brought in a new singer, dropped all the old music, wrote all new music, and have been hitting the local music scene in Kansas City, by storm. In 2013 Kris took home the Project Backstage Midwest Rock Awards "Drummer Of The Year!" Voted on amongst fans and peers of the midwest music scene.

Currently, He has taken on a whole new project becoming the newest member of The Musical Blades. Aside from being a musician, Kris has also performed for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for numerous years. The Musical Blades got their start at the KC Renfest about 13 years ago. Over the years, members have come and gone, but the one thing that remains the same, is that the music is constantly evolving and the band is branching out into the mainstream scene by playing not only festival style music, but by also playing live venues and doing full electric sets, featuring rock, blues, country etc. The band is a comedy group that also has a serious side and takes their music very seriously. Singing and playing old pirate shanties, and also playing original songs about being pirates. All while dressing like pirates on stage! It's a show you CAN'T miss! Being that everyone in the group is a pirate, they all perform under pirate names. Kris has taken on the name, "Kidd Morgan." It's a play on Captain Kidd, Captain Morgan Rum, the fact that even at 30 years old he's the youngest in the band, and a nod to his idol and friend, Morgan Rose of Sevendust. Even though he plays his full kit at live venue shows, during the festival seasons, he plays a Black Panther Djembe as well as sings with the rest of the group. The Musical Blades have grown to playing all over the country at different festivals and venues and have worldwide fans. You should definitely check them out!

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