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Kidron 'Kidd' McDonald

Kidron 'Kidd' McDonald

There is an exciting drummer on the rise out of Atlanta, Georgia. The sound of beating drums and cymbals crashing are a part of the identity of Atlanta’s own Kidron “Kidd” McDonald. This young talented drummer is considered one of Atlanta’s finest by many. After playing for nearly two decades Kidron has not only polished his skills as a drummer but he has also become increasingly humble while doing so. Many believe the skills of this talented young man are severely under-rated. Kidron, as well as those who surround him, knows that once given the opportunity he can achieve anything.

Kidron believes early exposure is partly responsible for the man he has developed into, especially pertaining to his passion for music. Kidron grew up in a musical household. Everything from singing to playing instruments took place. For Kidron McDonald it all began at the tender age of 3. It was at this age Kidron became fascinated with drums creating his own unique set utilizing pots and pans. At age 9, he developed his own way and style of playing the drums. He mesmerized many while playing for his father’s church, other local churches and gospel groups in the surrounding area. During those young years, Kidron’s major influences included but were not limited to: Hebrew McDonald Sr, Buddy Rich, Aaron Spears, Calvin Rogers, George McCurdy, Joshua Mayfield, Chris Kee, Tony Royster, Brent Easton, Eddie and Gerald Heyward, and Lerone McMillan. By the time his teenage years rolled around Kidron already had a good feel for working with other musicians in a variety of situations and musical styles. He has learned to play different genres of music such as Gospel, Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk, and Blues. He has also taken on drum programming and sequencing. Kidron has encouraged and tutored many children. He continues to impact the lives of others.

Kidron’s eagerness and instant ability to learn music will take him to the top. So keep your ears open for the musical styling’s of Kidron “Kidd” McDonald.

Playing Experience

Sha Simpson

Freddie Terrell (Wilson Pickett)

James Pullin & Remnant (Live Recording)

Troy Owens & Likeness (Live Recording)

Vineyard of Praise

Little Dave & Soulful Knights (Live Recording)

The Mighty Hannibal

Dee Dee Gartrell

Debra Dixion

William Bryant

Hermon Hitson


Henry Everyheart Studio

Atlanta Sound Lab Studio

H.I. Arts Society

Georgia State Jazz Ensemble

Salvation Word of Life Ministry

Graham Knox

Anthony Shepard & The Roar

Kimberly "Sky" Wright

William Murphy

Norman Hutchins

Elder Eugene Smith