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My name is Kevin S Cruz. Born February 27, 1989. I am an active musician in the Latin industry. I came to call in love with music at an early age when my mother brought back a small Tambora and Guira from Dominican Republic. I had the price large of growing up around talented musicians that guided and educated me in the art of percussion. At the age of 10 I joined a church band called “Manantial de Vida” based in Perth Amboy, NJ. With this band I gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. After a few year I got my first opportunity to record multiple instruments on their first album titled “Manantial de Vida”. This album was sold at church events and all concerts. At the age of 13 I played my first Professional gig with a local bachata artist “Felix Rodriguez” and a few months later with Merengue band “Mambo Encendió”. This is where my music career starts taking shape playing with multiple bands in the New Jersey Are.

After a few years of playing with local cover bands, at the age of 16 I was given the opportunity to play with one of the top bachata bands at the time “Nueva Era”. I played congas with “Nueva era” and then moved on to bongos and Tambora. I also had the opportunity to record on the Album titled “The New Chapter”. The band later decided to break apart where I moved on to play for Bachata Artist “Andy Andy” at the age of 18. At this time I also did a Tour of Europe with Bachata Band “Xtreme”. After playing with “Andy Andy” I moved to “Toby Loves’ band” I toured with Toby and his band for about three years traveling all over the United States, Europe and Central and South America. I was algo given the opportunity to record some track that didn’t make it on to the album. At this time I was also Part of the band for well known Merengue artist “Mala Fe” where I had the pleasure of traveling and also Recording a number of singles.

Throught my years I have played with many top name artist like: Alex Bueno, Oro Solido, La Banda Gorda, Carlos y Alejandra, Jimmy Bauer, Miriam Cruz, Rubby Perez, Monchy Capricho, Gisele Taveras, Henry Santos ex Aventura, Mala Fe, Bonny Cepeda, Jossie Esteban and many others. Most Recently I was part of the Miriam Cruz “Señora USA Tour” and also part of the New York Based band for Ramon Orlando y su Orquesta Internacional. I am Currently encouraged by Soultone Cymbals and Tycoon Percussion.

Kevin S. Cruz

Instagram: @kvntambora11

My Soultone Set: 

14" Gospel Crash
8" Gospel Splash
19" Noa Ride
13" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
15" Gospel Crash
10" FXO 5 Splash
16" Gospel Crash