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Born and raised just off the New Jersey shoreline, Ken Brand began his musical career at the age of ten. He performed throughout middle and high school with various school ensembles (marching, concert, and jazz bands), as well as his own groups (Eclectic Distortion, Remember the Day, and others he cannot remember). It was in high school that he realized that music was going to be the rest of his life. After graduating high school in 2005, Ken began attending New Jersey City University, where he first received his classical percussion training under teachers Greg Giannascoli and Nick Cerrato. While at NJCU, Ken had the opportunity to perform with such percussionists as Jeff Queen (DCI Hall of Fame and BLAST!), Jonathan Haas (Head of percussion at N.Y.U. and world-reknowned percussion recording artist), and Artie Lipner (jazz vibes recording artist and percussion composer).

In 2007, Ken decided on a change of scenery and transferred from NJCU to Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia on the advice and recommendation of a childhood friend. While attending LC, Ken performed in numerous ensembles and a number of pit orchestras for various musical theater productions. Ken also spent a great deal of time in the education field while in Lynchburg. He taught the front ensemble for the Heritage High School Big Orange Marching Machine for three years, during which time his percussionists were undefeated. He spent two seasons as the Front Ensemble director and Indoor Drum line Director at Brookville High School, also in Lynchburg, Virginia. In 2010, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from LC. Ken currently resides in Lynchburg where he met Michael and Geoffrey. They began rehearsing together and eventually asked Ken to play on their first full-length album, to which Ken happily agreed. Geoffrey Osbourne, Michael Chagnon and Ken Brand are Mercutio and play across the eastern seaboard, from Vermont to North Carolina. The band went on a multi-regional tour in February/March 2013.Ken continued to play with Mercutio through March of 2014, when he and his wife Heather had their first child. Mercutio's demanding road schedule was not conducive to the life of a new father. So, Ken and the band parted ways, but not before drums tracks were recorded for Merctutio's second full-length studio album.

Amongst fill-in and sit-in gigs, Ken is the drummer for Flat Five Jazz. Ken also performs regularly with numerous classical ensembles and jazz groups throughout the Lynchburg area.

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