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Kelly Moriarity

Kelly Moriarity, drummer for the hard rocking, southern style band 'Richard Arndt & The Brew'. ~

Growing up in the mid-west, Kelly was inspired by his love of such bands as Rush, Cheap Trick. and Led Zeppelin, as most kids in the 70's were. Kelly confesses, "There wasn't a lot to do in my hometown of Greenfield, Iowa, so we had to make own entertainment and for me it was drums".
Kelly, began his music career in his late teens playing drums in various cover bands after he left his small hometown for DesMoines, Iowa, where he became good friends with many of the local musicians in the small city. For years Kelly bounced from band to band... "It got to the point with me where I wasn't enjoying it anymore, [playing covers]... I needed a change, something to inspire me again. I wanted that feeling of playing fresh, new music...developing my own sound." In 2016 Kelly began to seek out original song writers with talent in the Des Moines area... Kelly continues, "I remembered meeting someone named Richard Arndt at a party of a mutual friend of ours from the band Slipknot, about 10 years earlier. He was writing his own music, mainly as a solo acoustic act, but heard he and bassist, Mike Pruter were in search of a drummer for a 3 piece project, so I was inspired to reach out."

Kelly contacted Richard, and hasn't looked back since. ... Look for Richard Arndt & The Brew's debut album "Bottom Of The Barrel" on various music outlets.

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