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Keith Hirschman

Keith Hirschman

16volt / Razorwire Halo

Starting at the age of only 2 yrs. old on Oatmeal tubs and a toy drum set from his Uncle Doug. Keith would continue his journey on the path to greatness for the next 40 years. After many years of lessons at Saskos Drum Shoppe, Keith would then travel to Austin, TX. Where he would begin meeting and playing with some of the best musicians Austin had to offer. Recording with Billy White from Dokken at the age of 18. Sharing the stage with such acts as Warrant, Mr. Big, Pantera, Exodus, Coal Chamber, Dangerous Toys just to name a few. This is where his path started to grow even stronger. Landing an audition for Testament and playing the last local band to ever open for Pantera. His list of contacts grew. Continuing his musical journey he found himself in Kansas City. While playing in some local bands he got the call to play with industrial legends 16volt. For 4 years Keith would continue as the live drummer for 16volt. After being asked to track drums on the new 16volt record, it became very obvious that with his style and input into this record it would became something more. Thus creating a new monster BLACK DECEMBER. With recording drums, writing, and co-producer under his belt now the path continues to grow. Signing on with Metropolis Records in 2015 to release the album titled Vol.1 from Black December and a tour to follow. Keith still continues to do session work and play live with Razorwire Halo out of Kansas City this keeping his schedule pretty full.

My Soultone Set: 

10" Latin splash
14" Latin hats
14" Brilliant hats
16" Latin crash
17" Extreme crash
18" Brilliant crash
18" Gospel crash
(2) 19" Latin crash
20" Gospel ride