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Keiron "Kiki" Drake

Keiron "Kiki" Drake

Serpents And Sparrows

Keiron "Kiki" Drake, was born in Springfield, Missouri on November 6th, 1996.

At age 8, after months of drumming on tabletops, his parents bought him a drum kit for Christmas, and he started lessons the following March. These lasted about a year and he soon became the drummer in his home church, affording him the opportunity to play with a full band while he studied different styles such as hip hop and metal in his free time.

Deciding to pursue a career in music, but not having a band, Keiron began learning guitar from his father, and teaching himself other instruments such as piano and ukulele, so he could play whatever instruments he needed for his own music.

From 2016 to 2018, Keiron played in several bands in the Springfield area, before deciding to start his own group, Serpents and Sparrows, in December 2018.

Since December 2018, Keiron "Kiki" Drake has been the lead vocalist, drummer, and occasional guitarist for Serpents and Sparrows, a rock band from Springfield, Missouri.

You can catch Keiron, and Serpents and Sparrows playing in the Springfield area as they prepare to enter the studio to record their first EP.

Keiron "Kiki" Drake proudly plays Soultone Abby cymbals.

My Soultone Set: 

Abby Pack:
20" Ride
18" Crash
16" Crash
14" Hi-Hats