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Kc Marotta

Kc Marotta

There are many different levels of passion. The top level representing the slight attraction we feel towards a particular object or hobby, the bottom level embracing those who spend every second obsessing and dissecting their inner flame. Comfortably thriving in the latter of these levels is 20 year old Kc Marotta.
Although Kc only started swinging the sticks nine years ago, his full-fledged commitment to truly understand the craft of drumming has catapulted him through the ranks in the Northwest. Currently on the throne with Inland Empire powerhouse Moretta (we can save the band name story for another time), Kc’s unique and tasteful style has become a staple in the band’s performance both live and on record. A seamless blend of rhythmic accuracy and flare makes Kc’s live performance a true spectacle.

Aside from being Moretta’s elaborate click track, Kc stays busy making drum covers for his YouTube channel and teaching percussion locally.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Heavy Hammered Hi Hats
19" Natural Crash
22" Extreme Ride
20" Extreme Crash
18" FXO 6 China

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