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Katsen Louis

Katsen Louis

Katsen Louis is a Boston-based drummer with the city’s First Haitian Baptist Church. He has recorded with various artists and plays with a host of other groups, including Higher Calling, Generation of Praise and Young People for Christ. He also drums with a marching band and regularly performs at weddings and church services. And he teaches drumming to about a dozen students each weekend too.

Having grown up listening to music from his parents’ native land of Haiti, Katsen’s tastes include a wide range of genres. In addition to playing swing, jazz, twelve-step blues, rock and Caribbean rhythms, Katsen is mostly known as one of Boston’s top gospel drummers. He also hopes to someday start composing.

Drummers who have influenced Katsen include Buddy Rich, Jojo Mayer, Ronald Burns Jr., Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Eddie Heyward Jr., Steve Smith and others. He started drumming at age five and performing in front of live audiences at ten. Katsen studied with John Kerr and Mark Flynn from Dick Dicensos’s Drum Shop in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Katsen loves the sound and flawless performance of Soultone Cymbals. His preference is their “Gospel" line cymbals which were inspired by Eddie Heyward Jr. “Their sound, tone, bounce, feel, durability and price is the best in the industry,” says Katsen. He also appreciates the fine service they provide. “Whether you are just starting out or have been drumming for years, Soultone Cymbals is a must-have to reach your full drumming potential.”

Katsen Louis proudly endorses Soultone Cymbals.