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Kassem Williams

Kassem Williams

UNCG Jazz Ensemble I

Kassem Williams was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the very young age of 8 Kassem started learning how to read music. By the age of 12 Kassem knew for sure that drumming was his life. Taking two types of lessons every summer for 5 years really increased his reading, and musical ability. By the age of 13 Kassem and his father moved to Charlotte North Carolina. Still going after his dreams of being one of the best musicians of all time he quickly joined a middle school with a marching band. After a year of on the line marching at Coulood Middle School. He auditioned and got accepted to the Performing arts school called north West in Charlotte North Carolina. It was there he spent countless hours practicing performing, and reading. After about 2 years Kassem Williams and his jazz band at the time where invited to perform for the very famous Maya Angelou. As he progressed He formed and noticed his love for the art of Jazz. He now studies under Thomas Taylor at The university of North Carolina in Greensboro. Playing along side some of the world greats such as, Steve Haines, Chad Eby, and Brandon Lee. For Kassem being in College has its great benefits, as such as meeting and playing with some of the world’s best Jazz artist and musicians. He has learned from Lewis Nash, Jerome Jennings, Jason Marsalis, Mr. Ocie Davis, Ed Reed, Tim Scott Jr, and many others. He is now the drummer for the UNCG Jazz Ensemble 1 jazz band, along with being the leader of his personal band (Melodies Curse).

My Soultone Set: 

21" Natural Flat Ride
22" Vintage Old School Patina Crash/Ride
15" Vintage Old School 1964 Hi Hat Pair
18" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash
21" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash/Ride