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Kalin Gilbert

Kalin Gilbert

The Sumter Violinaires

Born Kalin (KayJae) Joshua Gilbert, has always been into music. KayJae started his music journey playing the trumpet at the age of 13 following his father's footsteps. KayJae also sung all parts(top, middle, & bottom) on the New Generation Choir. Time passed as he quickly grew interest in percussion. 16 was the age in which he picked up sticks and played for High Hills Baptist church in Dalzell SC. Not knowing a thing about drums, KayJae reached out to the net ,(specifically Youtube), and taught his self the basics not knowing that with the help of God , he was being positioned in front of many open doors.. He also attended and participated in numerous sheds and drum clinics. Determination, practice, and most importantly,God, was the key ingredients to the success earned. Not only did he start playing for another church occasionally known as Hopewell baptist church and for the New Generation Choir, a year or two passed and he was playing for Gospel Quartet Groups such as the Gospel Jubilees and Resurrection. Now presently he plays drums for A well anointed recording Gospel Quartet Group know as The Sumter Violinaires. KayJae has recently completed his first full year as the Sumter Violinaires Drummer. Along with drumming, KayJae also produces and engineers in both Live and studio settings. Being endorsed and continually to grow is God's will and the talent is God Given. KayJae Continues to make an impact musically in the church, home, and community.

My Soultone Set: 

16 in custom hihats
17in Gospel Crash
18in FXO Crash Ride
15in Gospel Crash


Fri 27

Saturday February 15th, 2014.. Gospel Quartet SuperBowl... Be THERE!!!! I HAVE TICKETS

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Fri 27

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