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Kai Sorensen

Kai Sorensen

Kai Sorensen is a Los Angeles based musician, DJ, producer, and Berklee College of Music
alumni, specializing in Live and studio performance for local and major touring artists. Kai is
currently the drummer for the band Akenda.

For me, there is no comparison. Soultone Cymbals are handmade and unique. Their tone is unmatched, and the articulation of the cymbals cut through in any situation. The customization is insane, which truly lets the artist express themselves and find their unique sound. Soultone is my sound.
I received some great advice when I first started playing drums. Only play the cymbals that are exactly what you love to play. Don't worry about endorsements. Play the cymbals that truly speak to you and inspire you as an artist. For me, that has always been Soultone. Somethings you only get one chance at life at, and luckily for me, playing on a beautiful handmade Soultone cymbal isn't one of them.
Soultone has helped me develop my sound as a drummer, and I am eternally grateful for that. If that wasn't enough, they're an amazing company to work with. Soultone, as a company, treats its artists like family. Soultone provides a supportive team that is always there to help out in any situation.

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My Soultone Set: 

22” NSG Ride
14” Gospel HiHat
16” FXO Crash
20” Natural Crash
10” FXO Crash/10” Extreme China Stack