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Justin Bowman

Justin Bowman

Justin "J-Bo" Bowman of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, began playing drums at the age of 10. Justin played his first professional gig at age 14, and has yet to take a break. Throughout his high school, and college career, Justin performed in various drum corps, jazz ensembles, and concert bands. Since then, Justin has performed with various Top 40, Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul, Country, Blues, and Jazz groups while having the opportunity to open for many international recording artists. Justin is currently performing with the "Robert St. John band", and "Nightwork Jazz".

Influences: Gregg Bissonete, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Alex Van Halen, Brian Prout, John Dittrich, Lynn Williams, Larrie Londin, Neal Peart, John Blackwell Jr, Louie Bellson

Testimony: I owned a very nice set of cymbals made by one of the "name" manufacturers, and was completely happy with what I had. I was introduced to Soultone via Shannon Sharp at a show, and was completely blown away by the sound, craftsmanship, and cosmetic appeal of these cymbals. They are by far the greatest cymbals on the planet!!! I know this, as I've owned sets of cymbals from all of the "big 3" manufacturers. Soultone cymbals are bright, cutting, glassy, yet they have an underlying warmth to die for. From heavy metal, to lounge jazz, Soultone has it covered. Hand-crafted, is the only way to go!

I've developed quite an arsenal of cymbals since joining Soultone, and this is for two reasons. For one, I'm playing with 2 different bands, plus I'm doing sub, and studio work. I have the ability to pick, and choose exactly what I need for a certain musical situation. Second, it's quite simple, this company is innovative, and they keep designing products that blow the mind. Ya gotta have em!!!