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Justin “J-Dubb” Cox

Justin “J-Dubb” Cox


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Justin Cox began playing drums at age 12. When
Justin started Junior High School, he enrolled in several different music classes and became
the teachers assistant after the first semester. He played several percussion instruments and
learned to read sheet music while playing in the Jazz band, concert band, and marching band.
Shortly after graduating High School, Justin started a band with some close friends called
Saddle Cinch, and from there he played in several others bands along the way. In his late 30’s,
Justin went back to college and received his Bachelors in Music Productions. He started up
Redneknation Productions and Recording Studio. He has also put on concerts like Powerman
5000, NonPoint, Saving Abel, Anthrax, and many more. His current band, MaDeuce, is in the
studio recording their first EP. Even though Justin has his fingers in different areas of the music
industry, his passion has been and will always be playing drums. Justin Cox is proud to be a
part of the Soultone family.

Social Media:
Instagram: @rednekmusic

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