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Junior Jones

Junior Jones

Junior Jones has been playing drums since he could lift a wooden

spoon and break his family’s stove. His mother says he was born

with sticks in his hands.

He is an on and off member of the World Music group

Caribbean Soul which is Australia’s leading

Soca/Calypso/Reggae/ Salsa band, with whom he has played on

three CDs and toured nationally and around the world.

Junior works extensively with Australia’s top World Music Artists

which has lead to him being current member of the African

Diaspora, African singer Gervais Koffi’s band. He has also

worked with Danielle Gaha, Deni Hines and most recently Grace

Knight. He is also busy working around town with various artists

in the pop world and a few local cover bands including The

Shadows of Motown Revue, Professor Groove and the booty

affair, The Nuttorius Hipp a Melbourne based unit which has

been doing a lot of national and international touring. Currently he

is also working with Kate Lush’s Soultown as well as Maz Mazak

(neo Soul).

Junior is the in-house drummer for Sound Level Studios, doing a

broad range of musical sessions.

A drum instructor at Drummers Dream in Belmore and various

schools around the Sydney area.He has also performed here in

Australia displaying his worldly influences that he has gathered

from different cultures at the Billy Hyde drummers’ weekend

2005. As well as this, he works as a clinician for Sleishman drums

and Aquarian drumheads.

Soultone cymbal of choice is the Vintage Old school because I can

hear all of my musical influences when I sit down to play them. They

are killin’ and make my job so much easier.



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