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Julian Rengifo Giraldo

Julian Rengifo Giraldo

I was born in Cartagena and raised Colombian after lived on more than 9

different cities in Colombia. I start playing drums when I was 14 years old

learning by myself, from then on I not stopped and it has been my passion. I

carried out studies of free courses on La Factoría Musical Academy – Madrid,

Spain. I am a Session Drummer and a Live Drummer with over 10 years of

experience and proudly use and endorser Soultone Cymbals.

I am drumming for my band BULLET an outstanding Rock band on the

Colombian scene and I had the chance of shared the stage playing with some

of the most representative Rock and Pop Colombian bands like COMPAÑÍA

ILIMITADA (pop) doing shows for 32.000 people; SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (pop/

experimental); SILVIA O. (pop); KRAKEN (Rock); VERTIGO (Hard Rock/Blues);

With LANCE WOOLIE (USA) produced the 1st album for NOIMPORTANTE

(USA); CUERVOROJO (Rock); and many others. I currently drumming for

the pop/rock cover band CARMINA URBANA sharing stage with important

bands like ATERCIOPELADOS (Colombia), Miguel Mateos (Argentina), VILMA

PALMA (Argentina) and braking records for selling and assistants capacity

on the tribute events on HARD ROCK CAFE Bogotá and also I got the

record of numbers of shows played in H.R.C. In 2007 as a session drummer

recorded drums for over 8 preproduction songs for JOSE CARVAJAL former

lead Singer for LOS DE ADENTRO; and joined with great and well known

musicians from the Bogotá Rocker scene I play drums for the VELVET

REVOLVER Tribute called SON OF A GUN. BULLET is now on promotion for

our second production.

My favorite and most influence drummers are Matt Sorum, Vinnie Paul, Alex

Van Halen, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, Dave Weckl, Dave Abruzzeze, Lars Ullrich,

Greg Bissonette, Nick Menza, Mike Dee and many others.

I am a Rock musician and I contribute my force and character for the

definition of rhythms and intensities for the interpretation of good Rock and

Roll and Soultone is the complement that defines my sound, they are the

best cymbals that I have ever played, they are excellent in all situations.

Thank you Soultone Cymbals for making me part of the family.