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Julian Heck

Julian Heck

Therapie nach Noten

Julian Heck is a drummer from Mannheim. At the age of 9 he startet to play drums. As he was 13 he already joined his first group „On the Run“. The group played two times on the school festival called „Lange Nacht der Musen“ at Johanna Geissmar Gymnasium in Mannheim in 2015 and 2016.
Nearly after the show in 2016 he left the group to find a new musical challenge. In 2017 he take part at the regional competition of „Jugend musiziert“ and won the first price in his age group with 22 of 25 points.
After a little surgery he wasn´t able to sit down for 5 weeks, so he also can´t drumming for this time. After this time the „Comeback Song“ was written.
Right now he played for the metal group „Therapie nach Noten“ since April 2019 and they work on the upcoming album together.

"The incredible sound of the cymbals was impressing. The sound is one of the
clearest to separate between the crash and china cymbal but in the same
moment they sound so dirty which I like also for our upcoming album."

"You don ́t have to be scarred to hit the cymbal too hard so it get cracks and you
don ́t have to be scarred to hit the cymbal to soft so it can ́t be heard. This is
my feeling for the first time since I play drums. If you think oft he price it ́s
really surprising. A lot of cymbals are more expensive and still don ́t feel that
awesome and allow this high dynamics in your play.
If you want to separate the sound of your cymbals clear from the rest of your
drum set you should get the cymbals made by Soultone."

"The support by a own link in the endorsers link is great. It replaces if you don ́t
have a own homepage. Also the shares in social media helps me to reach
more people with my online activity."

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