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Julián José Sanchez-Chaparro Montero

Julián José Sanchez-Chaparro Montero

Julián was born in Madrid, Spain. His family has always loved music, more specifically rock and heavy metal music. That’s why he felt drawn by drums and started to play it when he was 13 years old.
He used to play drums at the high school graduation parties with some classmates, which gave him the opportunity to form a punk-rock band at just 14 years old.
As he grew up, he realized he aimed something more with music, so he decided to play with his cousin at his song writer project. They played together every week, so, one day they tried to go further to the rehearsal room and started to play on the streets and subway.
The desire to improve with the drum never stopped, so when he had the opportunity, he joined a heavy metal amateur band. He was 18 years old and had a lot of opportunities to come.
He joined the modern music school to improve the technique with the drum at 20 years old, when he met Sergio Graña, a popular jazz music drummer, who will be his teacher until now.
He was playing at his first heavy metal band, when he had the opportunity to play in an alternative rock/metal band, Delphos. He had to choose between both projects after 2 years of playing at both at the same time, and realized Delphos was the best option to continue improving with drums.
He’s playing with Delphos from 2012 until nowadays. After his first studio album, they travelled around Spain playing at 17 cities with more than 20 live concerts in just one year.
Nowadays, Delphos is recording his second studio album and preparing the next tour.

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