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Itodrums, born in Manatí, Puerto Rico (later raised in Morovis, PR). Already at the early age of 5, he felt a strong connection with music and began playing drums only a year later. As time passed, he started playing drums in a local Christian church band located in Morovis. Still at a young age, his interest in music led him to perform in different cities around Puerto Rico and eventually even overseas. Itodrums stayed with the church group for about 10 years to later move his musical career as a solo artist, performing in recording sessions and live shows for a number of local artistst. By 2004, Itodrums began studying music at InterAmerican University where he joined the university’s band. Shortly thereafter, he began his musical collaborations with various local TV & Radio productions such as musical videos, TV shows, radio commercials, promotional tours (cd releases, fashion shows, etc.). As time passed, ito started gaining respect in the music industry through his continous collaborations (both local and international) which include well respected artists such as: Ricardo Montaner, Fonseca, Jenilca Giusti, Angel & Khryz. Just to name a few...

Itodrums’ musical influences range from different genres: Progressive Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative rock, R&B ,Funk, Latin (salsa, Latin jazz), Gospel, Soul, traditional jazz, reggae roots, blues, electro music.etc... Throughout his learning process, itodrums developed a unique style, borowing from other great drummers that have severd as inspiration to him such as Mike Portnoy, Randy Castillo, Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Peart, Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Aaron Spears, Michael Moore, Manu Katche, Josh Freese, Danny Carey, Chris Coleman, etc…

Recently, whenever Itodrums is not busy teaching music, he is still working in studio recording sessions as well as live performances with many different original pop music acts and rock cover bands all over Puerto Rico.

It wasn’t until recently that Itodrums discovered Soultone cymbals and immediately fell in love with the quality and sound of the Soultone cymbals. From that moment on, he knew that he belonged in the Soultone family.

Itodrums is currently using Soultone cymbals (Custom brilliant series and Gospel series)

Thanks Soultone!! You guys rock!!!!