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Juan Armando Díaz Baracaldo

Juan Armando Díaz Baracaldo

Born in the spring of 1994 in Sancti Spiritus city, a national monument located in the center of the island
of Cuba with a great musical tradition.
From a very young age and in pre-school he was inclined to percussion and any object made him a kind
of instrument to hum and accompany any musical theme.
At age 7, he passed the aptitude tests and obtained the enrollment for the musical education in the
elementary stage, reaching the best qualification and graduating of the conservatory of music Alejandro
Garcia Caturla of Havana, obtaining a place to study in the National School of Arts of the Republic of
Cuba of which he graduated with title of gold in the year 2013 in the specialties of percussion, piano and
In his stage of student and with only 17 years of age obtained the first prize of the International Festival of
the Drum La Habana 2012, fund the musical group 385 of which was its director and main producer since
2013, year in which it realizes its First production discography under the title Buscando lo Imposible 
where all the subjects are of its authorship.
Attending his talent, he participated in several musical productions and accompanied part of the Cuban
music elite of the moment, arriving at national and international tours.
In the year 2014 he made his second musical production entitled Cuba Hard Drums where I have with
some of the most renowned musicians of the island of Cuba.
Since 2015 he has been based in the USA and has participated in different events, shows and
performances such as Los Premios Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro, Teleton, Univision Deportes, etc.,
interacting with artists from the most renowned of the moment.
This young sports fan with a great penchant for baseball, a friend since the childhood of the player Yuli
Gurriel, admirer of the German soccer team Bayern Munich . He does not consume any alcoholic drinks
and rejects any innapropiate behavior his frends take on. He has been a christian since a young boy and
has an amazing connection with his family who love , support , and believe in his musical carrier.

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/jd_drummerofficial/
YOUTUBE : www.youtube.com/ Juan Armando Diaz Baracaldo

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/JADDRUMS


Despierta America UNIVISION
Acceso Total TELEMUNDO
Don Francisco te invita TELEMUNDO
Siempre niños TELEMUNDO
Premios Juventud 2016 (Prince Royce)
Premios Univision Deportes 2016 (Gente de Zona)
TELETON USA 2016 (Olga Tañon and Tercer Cielo)
Premios Lo Nuestro 2017 (Luis Coronel)
La Reina de la canción 2017 (Lucero)

Currently working with Cuban artist JAKARTA

Participation in Latin Grammys (Las Vegas) accompanying the percussion Carlos Vives

Concert for Pepsi Cola with Gente de Zona

La Linea Band Florida, United States
Sep 2015-
• Drummer.

Vida Art Academia Florida, United States
Oct 2015-
• Drummer Teacher

Words of Life Church Florida, United States
Sept 2015-
• Drummer (Gospel music)

Habana Abierta Band La Habana, Cuba
Feb 2015- Aug 2015
• Drummer

Sexto Sentido Band La Habana, Cuba
Feb 2015- Aug 2015
• Drummer

Carlos Miyares (Chucho Valdés saxo) La Habana, Cuba
Mar 2015- Aug 2015
• Drummer

Brenda Navarrete and Interactivo Band La Habana, Cuba
Sep 2014- Aug 2015
• Drummer

Idania Valdés (Buena Vista Social Club Singer) La Habana, Cuba
Jan 2014- Feb 2015
• Drummer

Jazz Big Band Joaquin Betancourt La Habana, Cuba
Aug 2013- Dec 2013
• Drummer

3.85 Fusion Band La Habana, Cuba
Jan 2013-
• Director, musical composer, arranger musical and drummer.


National Art School of Cuba La Habana, Cuba
Instrumentalist, Drummer teacher and Teacher practices set.


English and Spanish language, musical composer, arranger musical, musical percussionist and drummer.


• CD recording with Brenda Navarrete (Fusion music). La Habana, Cuba
Apr 2015

• CD recording with Maikel Dinza (Salsa music). La Habana, Cuba
Feb 2015

• DVD recording Cuba Hard Drums (Drums and Instrumental music). La Habana, Cuba
Nov 2014

• CD recording 3.85 Fusion Band. La Habana, Cuba
Feb 2013

• Participation in International Jazz Festival. Halifax, Canada
Jun 2012

• Winner in drums mode in international competition Fiesta del Tambor. La Habana, Cuba
Mar 2012

• CD recording Despues de la Lluvia with Juan Kemel y La Barriada Band La Habana, Cuba
(Best Seller 2011). Apr 2011

My Soultone Set: 

20" Gospel Ride
16" Gospel Crash
14" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
18" Gospel Crash
18" FXO 6 Effect Crash
13" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats Pair
16" FXO 6B3 Effect Crash
22" Gospel Ride with jingles
12" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
14" Gospel China

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