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JT Silvestri

JT Silvestri

A Course of Action

Born and raised in Miami, FL, drummer JT Silvestri of A Course of Action, has always wanted to play music. Since a young age, banging on his mother's and grandmother's pots and pans he always displayed a strong interest in percussion and drumming. At 16 years of age, JT went against his family's wishes and bought a drumset. After years of being self taught and playing with many different bands such as FarFrom Gone, Small Town Zeros, At-Water, and Boxelder, JT honed his craft and developed an ear for playing all different types and styles of music from metal, rock, reggae, funk, jazz, blues, and even country.

In 2006, JT moved to Hudson, NC, and immediately began immersing himself in the local rock music scene. But, he quickly realized he was having trouble finding just the right players until May of 2010. JT answered an ad for a band called "A Course of Action" and found what he believes to be his true calling. The hard-rock act is the perfect blend of his metal roots and groovy-guitar driven riffs of the commercial rock music that is played every day on the radio.

Professionally, JT plays an array of different hand drums, drum kits, and electronics. Currently on a Pearl BRX924 Fusion 6pcs w/ Roland electronics and Soultones Cymbals. Toca percussion, and even a bunch of handmade instruments from different countries (Venezuela, Africa, Vietnam, etc.). To keep himself up on his chops, he owns a studio (Tribal Cosma Studio) in the basement of his home, where he writes and creates his own music to keep the creative juices flowing. To see and hear more of JT or his band, go to the band’s pages and listen. Then find a show near you and see the live show.


My Soultone Set: 

14" Hi Hats "Custom Brilliant"
10" FX "FXO 5"
20" Ride "Custom Brilliant"
20" China "Extreme"
8" Splash "Extreme"
20" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
20" Crash "Extreme"
19" Crash "Custom Brilliant"