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Josue Ortiz

Josue Ortiz

Josue Ortiz was born on Sept. 21 1979 in Waterbury, CT. He began showing interest in music and would go with his parents to church and stare at the drummer. His parents, Victor and Rosa Ortiz, bought him his first drum at the young age of five years. When he was six years old, the drummer of the church did not show up so he seized the opportunity and played drums that day. Within a year he became the official drummer of the “iglesia cristiana Juan 3:16” church in Waterbury CT. It was there that he began to learn and grown musically and spiritually. As he grew he began to learn concepts like timing, rhythm, and groove. He became popular in his community as none of the churches had “little kid” drummers at that time. He was known to break his sticks weekly (sometimes breaking brand new sticks in one song) as he was a hard hitter. His speed evolved because of the fast pace music in his church called “coritos” He began playing in different churches, wedding, parties, and concerts with his fellow musicians and became a sought out drummer.

At the age of 17 he became the drummer of “Divine Sound”. This group revolutionized the Christian community in Waterbury CT and surrounding towns as it was one of the only groups that was “young and contemporary” playing a variety of rhythms and genres that included, slow rock, ballads, latin rock, and a type of music that they called “latin gospel”. They were featured in many concerts and special events and opened for Latin Gospel Artist Ida Gonzalez in the annual concert for the Association of Christian Musicians of CT.

At age 18 Josue became the first drummer of the Praise and Worship group “Projecto AA.” At this point he learned the importance of practicing and rehearsing and not being “the Best” but giving “your best to God.” The rehearsals were all day rehearsals starting with breakfast and ending with watching music videos after dinner.

In 2003 he became the official drummer of “Primera Iglesia Cristiana Retorno A Pentecostes.” and its praise and worship team Jesucristo Vive. Josue is currently the drummer/co-founder for Alter Call Band from Waterbury CT. Alter Call Band is a Christian Rock Worship Band with an increasing fan base from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. Alter Call Band has opened for Latin Gospel Artists Roberto Orellana, Ezequiel Colon, Danny Berrios, Roberto Rodriguez, and more. They will release their first album “Rain” on May 7, 2011. Check out their web site at Josue is also currently working with latin gospel artist Samuel Hernandez.