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Jostein Braaten

"Jostein Braaten was born in Kolbu, Norway 1995.
Music came naturaly trough his father and grandmother who allso plays different instruments.
The intrest for drumming realy took of at the age of 10 when he got his First drum teacher. This led to the forming of the band "BlackWood" with his schoolmates playing cover of The Beatles and Deep Purple.
Jostein and his friend And fellow bandmate, Andreas (bass) the started the band "Murphys LaW" with a local guitarplayer, Iver Armand.
The First year was mostly co Extreme, Rush and Led Zeppelin pluss a couple of "homecrafted" material.
Because of some "problems" with vocal, We desid it was time to get a Vocalist, and the choice fell on Mads.
The original material took over compleatly within months, and we where asked to participate in the Norwegian Songcontest. We made it to secound place.

Jostein is now playing with Murphys LaW and various different artist and composes some music him self.
Jostein also goes to a local "drumming guru" (hehe), Magnar Karlsen, for guidens every week.

Musical influenses: The Beatles, The Who, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Dream Theater, OSI, Ray Charles, Otis Taylor, Frank Zappa, Madness, Yes, The Police, And Queen to name a few.

Drumming Influences: Ringo Starr, John Henry Bonham (Bonzo), Keith Moon, Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy, Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Caliuta, Aron Spears, Neil Peart, Billy Cobham, Teddy Campbell, Carl Palmer, John JR Robinson, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams and Elvin Jones. Impossible to name them all, but the fourure First are The Big Four" !! "

My Soultone Set: 

16" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
19" Fl Ride "Vintage Old School"
20" China "Extreme"
14" Hi Hats "Custom Brilliant"
22" Crash/Ride "Latin"
19" Crash "Extreme"
18" FX "FXO B6"
10" Splash "Extreme"