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Joshua Samuel Alex Haynes

Joshua Samuel Alex Haynes

Joshua Samuel Alex Haynes, also known as “Alex H,” is a 22 year old musician who grew up in the Church in Fort Leonard, Missouri, where he played on a drum-set for the first time at the age of 2. Every Sunday during Church, he would make his way to the musician’s corner where he would sit on the drummer’s lap, holding the sticks in his hands as he guided young Joshua in how to play. It was love at first sound! Joshua could not stay away from the drums long after that.

Being a military child also meant constant changes in duty stations for his father, so the family was off to Hinesville Georgia, when at the age of 6 Joshua’s parents bought him a toy Mickey Mouse drum after a trip to Disney world. The Pastor of the Church could see how Joshua loved to beating on the drums and how passionate he was about it. At that time the church did not have a drum-set, so the Pastor decided to purchase one and allow Joshua to be the drummer. The Pastor also paid for Joshua to receive drum lessons to learn the basics of playing drums which would also enhance his gift. Upon Joshua’s father retiring from the military, the family made the final move to Charlotte, North Carolina. There, Joshua continued to learn and perfect the gift God had given him. During this time, Joshua studied and practiced constantly for hours. He continued to build his skills by studying behind two older drummers, Mario Hoover, who played for his dad (national recording artist Greg Hoover) and church member Lisa Cade. Joshua expanded his musical talent by learning to play the piano and organ by ear. Not allowing himself to get out-of-sync, Joshua kept busy during high school by joining the Phillip O. Berry Marching Cardinals Drumline playing bass drum, snare, tenor and quads. He learned how to read music and play various styles of music playing, such as jazz, fusion, rap, and hip hop. Joshua earned a Band Scholarship to Norfolk State University where he received another opportunity to march with the popular HBCU “Million Dollar Funk Squad” Drumline that consisted of many other drum set players who would also help influence and shape him into the drummer he is today.

Joshua plays with many Gospel Groups and accompanies them as they travel to different conferences and Church functions. He is versatile, and is capable of playing with different styles of music by making appearances at the House of Jazz playing for major artist in styles of rap, hip hop and others. Although being young in age, Joshua is looking forward to gaining new musical opportunities to be used as an instrument of God.

Be on the lookout for this up and coming drummer. He stands by 2 principles: Perfection is not an option because practice makes perfect, and secondly, make every performance better than your last.