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Joshua “Josh” Gonzalez was born in the small city of Indio in the beautiful state of California. He was born into a Christian family of musicians and was constantly around music. His dad played in several bands while he was growing up and he instilled that passion into Josh and his siblings. Josh began to show an interest in music when he was in middle school. He chose to play the flute but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. While he was learning how to play the flute, he did, however, learn the basic music fundamentals. He gravitated more towards the percussion section and it was then that a spark ignited inside of him. He continued with percussion in middle school and grew with knowledge and passion. Upon entering high school, he auditioned for the drumline and was placed on the bass line as a freshman and later on in his high school career, he moved onto marching snare drum. He was taught by Drum Corp International professionals who marched in The Blue Devils, Madison Scouts, and in the RCC drumlines. They hounded the importance of timing, precision, and perfection and it has played a tremendous part in his career as a musician. Josh has taken those qualities and used them in the various performances he has participated in. During his four years in high school, Josh participated in wind ensemble percussion, marching band drumline and winter drumline. He competed in numerous band and drumline competitions, received many awards, and received much recognition within the community. After his high school career, he joined a Christian rock band called RenderSoul; they performed at various venues which included the Riverside County National Fair and Date Festival, and they opened for renowned Christian Hip-Hop artist, KJ-52. Currently, he is a worship drummer and plays for the Sunday and mid-week services at his church (Fountain Of Living Water Christian Church and he is also starting up a local worship band. It was Josh’s Christian faith that drove him to start up the band; he wants to use the talent that was placed upon him to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Josh’s passions are, were, and always will be his Christian faith, drumming and music.

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