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Cosmic Romp

Joseph Wood is a versatile drummer who grew up playing gospel music. The eldest son of a music director, Joe was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn on the job while playing in front of substantial crowds during regional conferences and camps. By playing in a live and improvisational setting, Joseph developed his sense of dynamics and soul that still reflects in his playing today.

Joseph has played with a variety of original and cover bands, as well as churches. Most recently, he worked as the drummer for the The Perfectionists out of Washington DC. Joe's studio work can be heard on Leftstronger's sophomore record, "Pieces".

Joseph's relationship to music is one of necessity. For him, playing music is essentially meditation...a way to be at peace. Joseph believes that there is something very primal, almost spiritual in drumming.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Extreme Crash
17" Extreme Crash
22" Extreme Ride
14" Extreme Hi Hats
10" Extreme Splash


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