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Joseph Ho

Joseph Ho, began his drumming since 2000. Over the years, Joseph had performed in many countries and winning related academic rewards
In 2011, Joseph and his band Jukator won the Champion of the Grand Final of Yamaha Asian Beat band competition in Seoul, Korea. They beat representatives from Asia and America, gaining the championship from the international panel of judges leaded by the World famous drummer, Mr. Akira Jimbo.
Their conquer of the game was spotted and featured by Korea MTV Channel and jumped onto the headline of A1 News Paper in Hong Kong.
In the same year, Jukator launched their first album 《At the crossroads》. It had a favorable seller in both Hong Kong and Japan. The album also received positive comment from Japanese media.
Other awards and experiences included:

Champion of “Our Rock Story 6”

Champion of “Buds Rocks Band Competition”

Champion of “Yamaha Asian Beat 2011 Hong Kong Final”

Special guest performer for “Persephone” asia tour

Session drummer

My Soultone Set: 

21" Natural Crash Ride
17" FXO12
14" Hybrid Heavy Hammered with Natural Center
9" Gospel Splash
7” Gospel splash
17" Heavy Hammered Crash
16" Extreme China
18” Explosion Crash

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