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Joseph Girome

I was first interested in playing drums as a child. My mother would save empty food containers and I would play drums on them with pencils. I attended a Christian Academy where I took guitar lessons. It took me a while to learn, which led me to become bored and frustrated. I began to watch and study the drummer in the church I attended with my parents. This inspired me to become a drummer.
At age 13, my grandfather gave me a drum kit that previously belonged to my cousin. It was an interesting kit. The kit was comprised of two different brands: Reuther and Tempro. It contained two kick drums, one snare, and three toms. My other grandfather worked at a steel plant. He would find cymbals and would save them for me, so I never ran out. I had a lot of cymbals, but not enough stands. In place of cymbal stands, I would use hooks and bailing twine to hang some of the cymbals from the garage ceiling. It was a hit and duck situation.
A few years later, my parents bought me a new drum kit and cymbals for my birthday. Too much vibration from being a heavy hitter caused the hardware to break. I was determined to become a better drummer and I’d play for hours in my spare time; mainly on weekends and after school. I am a self-taught drummer, but took lessons on learning paradiddles. I was in a few bands (Christian and secular) as a young adult. I have also played drums in a few local churches over the years. I’ve owned various drum kits, such as Pearl, Tama, and currently a Sound Percussion kit. I found this kit at the curb and picked it up. I used my carpentry skills to refinish it. I currently play drums at Connect Church, where I attend with my wonderful wife and daughter. I am pleased to be endorsed by a great cymbal company, Soultone, and I look forward to playing more music in the future.
Drum sticks I use are Ahead 5B or 7A
Snare drum is a Tama Soundworks maple 14x6.5
Drumheads are all Remo.
I use the Tama Iron Cobra 900 power glide double kick.

My musical influences are Lars Ulrich, Matt Sorum, John Bonham, Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy and Kenny Arnoff.

Here are the online sites where I can be found:

Instagram: @drummerjoeyg


My Soultone Set: 

14” Abby Hi-Hats
16” Abby Crash
18” Abby Crash
20” Abby Ride
10” Gospel Splash
18” Custom Brilliant China