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A native of Venezuela, percussionist/drummer Jose Duque is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston and has studied in Venezuela at the Escuela de Musica Ars Nova with Cuban master Ruben "Tutty" Jimenez. Also with Jose Mato and Augusto Leon. He has performed with Amaya: Flamenco Sin Limites, Venezuelan pop artist Felix Roman, Juan Francisco, Roldan Pena's Jazz 3, Flamenco y Duende, and Sara es Rara. Jose has recorded and produced the CD for the Latin jazz group CORA-SON. Currently he is the drummer/percussionist for the Randy Armstrong Trio and leader of Jose Duque's ZumbaTres, an experimental jazz band. Also Jose is the founder of Roman(us) and electronica/ambient band that span two continents, America and Europe. The band recorded an abum over the internet and made their first public appearances by launching a small tour of the North East in 2008, the first time the band was actually physically in the same room for over a month!!!.. Also in the works is the new Zumbatres upcoming album, and joining the “Kingsley Durant Trio”, Jose has also joined the international project , “The Blurry Men”, a side project venturing in Pop/Post Rock with the great Keyboardist Rafael Paz, of RC2 fame, in Valencia Spain.

Jose has shared the stage with Eddie Palmieri, Otmaro Ruiz, Luz Marina, Adrenalina Caribe, and Loopin’

Jose is available for sessions, lessons and recordings, via internet, more info on the web

Florida music critic Manny Hernandez describes Jose's music from "Gathering in Blue" as " and "Far Away" music that not only breaks style boundaries but also brings Venezuelan Jose Duque to the front of the jazz territory".

Jose R. Duque

ZumbaoArt Productions

PO BOX 1568

Portsmouth NH-03801 USA


"For the majority of listeners, the title of this album will perfectly describe the sensations of listening to these tunes, which conjure another place. By taking the traditional jazz trio -- piano, bass and drums -- and adding guitar, drummer and leader Jose Duque paints impressionistic and experimental post-bop musical pictures with a very Latin base. "Danilo" echoes 1960s Blue Note together with the rhythms of Cuba. The title cut is not reminiscent of any specific place, but it causes musical travel to somewhere warm and breezy.

Recorded at Waterway Production Studios in Dover, New Hampshire (practically neighbors of mine), Far Away sounds as lush, rich, and expansive as the music on it. Each instrument is well represented in both style and tonal balance. Image placement is also well handled. I have found that the fewer instruments recorded, the easier it is to get them down correctly, and this disc proves that point. Three additional live tracks sound different from the studio ones while sharing the same overall sonic quality.

Small labels such as this one are beginning to become the place to look for new jazz recorded in realistic sound. You'll have to search some to find such recordings, but they're out there -- and worth finding."

John Crossett - soundstage (Jul 2, 2007)

"Far Away is a unique percussive expression of some beautiful mellow Latin Jazz music played for the soul, with a touch of salsa and to the heart. Mr. Duque and his Zumbatres crew provide an engaging performance. "

Year: 2006

Label: ZumbaoArt Productions

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Edward Blanco - Ejazz News

"Intriguing compositions that eschew French Impressionism and Latin culture, “Far Away” is free jazz with organic flow and soft harmonies. Extraordinarily gifted musicians, their energy lends “Far Away” a propulsion of a high magnitude. You gotta love the salsa flavors stirred in. "

- J-Sin

J Sin - smother net

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