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Jose “Prison City Possum”

Jose “Prison City Possum”

Prison City Brigade / Prison City Possum / Blind Payment

Back in 2010 I started playing the drums at the age of 11, which is a bit of a late start, however I did find a passion very quickly as I began to learn more and more about different techniques and rudiments. Here I am now at age 23, completely self taught and still doing all I can to improve. In terms of projects and bands; I never really pursued that until very recently.. I have a side project with a friend called Blind Payment where we play what we call “punkfunk”. However, my focuses really go to the band I currently play shows and am going to tour with: Prison city Brigade. This band has been one of the biggest challenges and blessings in my life, playing live shows, making new friends within the local music community, being a guest on The Metal Experience Podcast, and playing with awesome bands such as… Radio Hate, Cherokee Astro, Voice Of Addiction, Remnants of a Rebellion, Discrepancies, Patrol at Dawn, Next To Eternity, Consume the Divide, The Illogical, Amsedel, etc. have been some of the best moments of my life and have helped my confidence as both a musician and a performing drummer.
Current bands/Projects:
Prison City Brigade (rock/post punk)
Prison City Possum (folk punk)
Blind Payment (punkfunk)
Current Endorsements:
Soultone Cymbals
The Inner Light Agency (ILA)

My Soultone Set: 

Abby Cymbal pack
14" Hi Hats
16" Crash
18" Crash
20" Ride